Lampshades. I have designed several screen print designs to make into lampshades. The photos below show some of the possible variations of colours of background fabrics and print. See below: ‘Gold Hare, Rising Moon’, (blue on natural), ‘Magic Hares’ (gold on pink), ‘Small Running Hares’ (grey on natural), ‘Big Blue Hare’,(blue on natural), ‘Gold Hare, Rising Moon’, (gold on pink), ‘ Under a Crescent Moon, (blue on pale blue), ‘Like Moths to a Flame’, (blue on bright pink and grey on natural), ‘Owl Moon’, (gold on natural and blue on natural) and Contemporary Passions exhibition 2017. At the moment I’m making round drum shaped lampshades – 20, 30 and 40 cms diameter, they are usually for table lamps but can be ceiling lamps if I know to place the bulb holder at the top rather than the bottom of the lampshade. The fabric I use is either linen or linen and cotton mix. The inks can be mixed to produce most colours and I can print in gold, deep gold, silver and copper.