New Beginnings




I’ve just made my print table. It’s 2′ x 4′, not very big but to be portable and fit on my kitchen table, this is a workable size (for now, one day when I get a studio….) It consists of two boards glued together, covered with carpet underlay to give it some flexibility, then covered with pond liner stapled to the wood, to make it smooth and waterproof and finally, using PVA glue, calico has been stuck down to pin the fabric to be printed, onto.

The art work has been made very black in order to produce the screen, only allowing light to penetrate unprotected areas, so the photo sensitive emulsion will wash off leaving the image to be printed.


The image was taken from my lino print ‘Melangell’s Hares’ and is 300mm x 380mm. It has been modified to repeat horizontally and vertically if I wanted to produce a length of fabric.

The screen is ready, I have my brand new sparkling squeegee (very different from the worn and battered squeegees I used to use!) all ready to print.



The first ‘lay’ misses out the middle section as the screen would smudge the print if it was put down next to the first print. I used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process, keeping the screen well away, so it wouldn’t dry out.


The tape at the bottom of the print shows the registration marks – this is so that I know where to place the screen to fill in the centre print, when the first ‘lay’ is dry. This is all very temporary and experimental, but it may be OK for what I’m hoping to do.


The final print has worked well enough I quite like the way the images join up making a river flowing down between the trees. This print is for my Daughter, Sar to make a lampshade out of. My lovely friend Linda says it would make a nice skirt!



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