The Follow-up print to ‘Saved’



This print continues the story of the hare saved from the lurchers, the hounds who were chasing it. The woman sits and watches as the hare, runs free and meets up again with its mate.

Since producing these lino cuts, which started off with a watercolour called ‘ I dreamt I held a hare’


I Dreamt I Held a Hare. Watercolour

such an amazing coincidence has happened (or is it yet another example of Jung’s Collective Unconscious’ in action?) synchronicity with like minded people: a friend told me about a Patron Saint of Hares and gave me the web sites where I could find out more, another friend (thank you Rose and Linda) gave me more information about the history and I am just overwhelmed with wanting to visit this shrine in a way I have never wanted to visit anywhere before – perhaps the shrine of Gelert at Beddgelert, as I also love hounds. Both these shrines are in Wales and I come from Pembrokeshire, (Dyfed) and yet another connection was today on Facebook, there was a definition of the word ‘Hiraeth’ – the Welsh word for Longing, or homesickness for Wales that my Grandfather taught me as a child. He experienced hiraeth when the village of Capel Celyn, in the Tryweryn Valley near Bala, (where he came from) was flooded in 1965 to provide a reservoir for Liverpool.

I am blown away by all these connections and so many ideas buzzing around my mind. I must now calm down a bit and find out more and be a little more organised as to what I do now BUT I will visit the church in Powys in May when there are events about Hares and Melangell, the Patron saint of Hares.


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